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 Company Founder, Lowel Guthrie

Our Story

Trace Die Cast, Inc. was founded in November of 1988 by a team of former Ford Motor Company Employees.  After Ford closed its Sheffield, Alabama die casting plant in 1983, the group, lead by Lowell Guthrie, searched for nearly 5 years looking for a community to start a modern, world-class die casting facility. Trace started with two 600-Ton die casting machines in its first full year of operations in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1989. 


Trace has continually expanded over the 30 years of its operations.  In 2023, Trace will have 44 die casting machines installed, over 70 CNC machines in operation, and a fully automated assembly line for battery trays.


Our Values

Trace Die Cast, Inc is committed to continually improving its products to better satisfy the needs of our customer.  Trace will deliver products to its customer that arrive on-time and free of defects.

Our Customer: Our customers are the focus of everything we do.  We exist as a business because of our customers.  We will seek customers who are willing to develop long-term partnerships and leverage that partnership into sustainable growth for Trace and our customers.

Our Employees: Our employees are our greatest resource.  We are committed to providing training and offering continuing educational courses to all our employees.  We will provide a safe work environment and promote fair policies and open communication.

Our Suppliers: Our suppliers form the base upon which our business has developed.   We will form long term relationships with vendors who share our commitment to quality.

Our Community: Our community benefits from and has been supportive of our efforts.  We will be a valuable corporate citizen.  We will be a good steward of our environment and we promote a culture of environmental responsibility.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Within 600 miles of Kentucky
December 2020 

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